Fundraising Information - $15 per book sold! - My School Years

As a school mum I totally understand the importance of fundraising! And what better than a fundraiser that doesn’t include sugar?!

My School Years journal is the perfect way to record a child's school years, right through from Prep/Kindy to Year 12! Finally, a safe place to store 13 years of school photos! Each year contains prompts for parents/students to remember important milestones from the year, and even a page devoted to notes left from parents and teachers.

Schools receive $15 from each book sold! Participating is super easy and we have a range of options to best suit your school.

  • We can provide an order form and the school can choose a set date by which parents need to place an order. All books will be delivered to the school - the school will receive a bonus $5 per book sold by choosing this method (as there is a cost saving to us by bulk shipping!)


  • We can provide you with a code to give to parents so they can order online through our website. Orders will be shipped directly to their house, meaning no handling by the school. It is up to the school as to how long the fundraising is open. If for a short period of time, all funds will be given to the school at the end of the fundraising drive. If ongoing, we can discuss whether funds are transferred to the school either monthly or quarterly.


Drop us a line if you have any questions, we hope to work with you soon!