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About Us

Hello + thanks for stopping by Vanda Baby Cards.

I'm Sarah + I am the face behind Vanda Baby Cards. I have 2 beautiful daughters, Evie + Lola and an equally beautiful husband, Mr Brown.

I love keeping busy, and thinking of new items to design. My sole purpose is to provide my customers with fun, contemporary and affordable designs. VBC was born one rainy miserable Melbourne day during my 8th month of my second pregnancy. It was as simple as thinking "I would like to get some Milestone Cards for this new baby" to "Ok, I'm going to design some Milestone Cards for this new baby!"

Vanda Baby Cards is still in it’s infancy, we only kicked off in October 2015, but I have already had so much fun growing this business and interacting with you all my lovely customers on Instagram (@vandababycards) + Facebook (who could ever get sick of seeing baby photos?!)

Enjoy taking a look around my website, instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. 

Sarah xx